Cheekyfun vs Ann Summers

I admire Ann Summers very much as Jaqueline Gold made saucy gifts & clothing accessable to millions of ‘normal’ adults who no longer need to feel embarrassed about enriching their sex lives & having a bit of harmless fun. can never compete with Ann Summers but i’m sure they won’t mind me attempting to take a tiny percentage of this ever-growing online market. xx

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Halloween Fancy Dress

Soon be Halloween! You could do worse than check out my stock at . Let me know what you think xx

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Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Ricky Barton & i have recently started a new online business called selling saucy gifts, erotic prints, sexy lingerie & naughty fancy dress. Take a look. If you like it pass it on to your friends. I would also appreciate your comments (good/bad) as i am always looking to improve the site. Many thanks xx

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